About the restaurant

Colori Kitchen is a classic Italian trattoria in the heart of downtown
Los Angeles. Featuring the inspired, bravissimo cooking of Luigi Barducci Contessi, longtime executive chef at Ca Brea, the warm and welcoming
brick-walled restaurant features delicious pastas, soups, salads, fish
and meat dishes, plus traditional Italian deserts. Service is friendly, prices are affordable and the quality and variety of the cooking is a constant source of delight and wonder for the ever-growing community of Colori Kitchen regulars. Catering (both in and out of the restaurant) is a specialty. Let Luigi make your tastebuds sing.

Located at 429 W 8th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014

Telephone (213) 622-5950 for reservations or local deliveries



Lunch – Monday through Friday, 11am-3pm

Dinner – Wednesday and Thursday, 6pm-9pm; Friday and Saturday, 6pm-10pm

Gary Leonard’s PHOENIX opening

Join us on Art Walk Thursday, December 13, from 6-9pm for the opening of PHOENIX, Gary Leonard’s exhibit of large-scale photography documenting the transformation of downtown Los Angeles. The show is curated by Kim Cooper of 1947project and Esotouric bus adventures. There will be delicious treats from the pan of Luigi and a chance to explore the work of L.A.’s signature photographer. This exhibition will remain on the walls indefinitely.

Curator’s statement: For decades, nobody wanted to look at downtown Los Angeles. Her ancient theaters and deco office towers bundled up against neglect and the passing decades while at street level, boulevards of thriving commerce alternated with grim ghost avenues. But Gary Leonard has been looking. Quiet, patient, seemingly everywhere, with his combat photographer’s vest and quick reflexes, Leonard chronicled the neglected central city, her subcultures, infrastructure and astonishing rebirth. With PHOENIX, his first series of large-scale photographs, he reveals a 21st Century Los Angeles of new growth and new money, while paying tribute to the iconic structures of the past century, some preserved, others passing swiftly into memory. Meanwhile, the city continues to evolve, and out on the streets, strapped to girders and in the ruins, Gary Leonard takes her picture.